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 Tianyi F41 customers Lively Lenovo battery criticism investigations - Tin Yat, battery-IT business.

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Tianyi F41 customers Lively Lenovo battery criticism investigations - Tin Yat, battery-IT business. Empty
PostSubject: Tianyi F41 customers Lively Lenovo battery criticism investigations - Tin Yat, battery-IT business.   Tianyi F41 customers Lively Lenovo battery criticism investigations - Tin Yat, battery-IT business. EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 1:34 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->Event Hyperlink: Lenovo Tianyi F41 Sony electric batteries were joint complaints Gone by, the HC Electronic Goal Chengdu Tang received problems from Lenovo Tianyi F41 reaction Notebook Using the Sony Battery Quality conditions. HC E Network co-HC IT Network and numerous trade media coverage in this incident. For this occurrence, contact HC electronic network association official customer support. Currently, Lenovo' s sales department is given the first feedback, the need because of this problem list of purchasers, investigate and if authentic would contact Technical Department for detailed investigation, now being Lenovo cannot give an official response.
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According to be able to report, most consumers think the attitude is extremely aggressive, Mr. Tang' s complaint following the article appeared, just a few days to make contact with another dozen friends to sign up the ranks of conditions, the current list contains reached a joint complaint 20. Complainant that the association for an international brand, the 08 Olympic Games sponsorship, consumer confidence is simply out of their chosen brand Lenovo, Lenovo' s handling of the incident has forced shoppers chilling. Where most consumers cannot accept is that long-term connection with &quot; cases&quot; as an excuse to try to shift with consumer conditions, but in fact the buyer complaints on the battery has never a minority. Mr Tang said the particular joint complaint must enable this association give an explanation! This incident, interviewed HC At the Network special 3? 15 customer complaints against Network column director Yangyan Peng, Director Yang said: the Lenovo Tianyi F41 Sony laptop battery problem, the current network regarding 315 consumer complaints were received many such reproaches, although on several occasions earlier towards the Lenovo 315TS reflect, nevertheless, since batteries are consumable, and using the environment, the variety of other related charge, Lenovo will use this kind of failure due to improper user. It is worthwhile mentioning that, due to be able to more similar complaints, and which Notebook Implement other brands of batteries aren't similar phenomenon exists, consequently, the user may reasonably reckon that the battery quality challenges. This incident, the local community participation of users find comments, published the views from the incident. A ripple, complaints associated with the rapid increase while in the Internet, many users had thought that only their very own reactions machine problems, since the problem had grow to be so common. Friends: I'm also a F41' utes books, recently found that when using the battery suddenly dropped coming from 80% to 0%, they never realized that everyone was so think, ah, this gave us the trust points. Friends kaka: I've also had battery conditions, directly down from 60% 0% instantly, and soon a few seconds, I was F41, put only charge once a month, it is love to utilize, other brands on never. User indignation of a Lamb: I think F41 is a user, but also battery power on a little electric charge also fails to go in, two a short time ago I also acquired 315 complaints, with results to back then, and other users hold the same problem a similar, said what will not necessarily produce security problems, I depend on, and so have accidental injuries for later, right? Exactly what rubbish theory. User Rights ultimately: I was in Beijing consumers to order the F41 notebook I encountered the identical problem, I understand that users will no longer experience this problem just a few, hope this can bring on association or the high-quality control department attention. Assistance for users of Liberties of Chengdu, insist Lenovo replacement unit battery!! Click to view more comments When your F41 have such a dilemma, please send an message to liyingnan01@hc360. com, HC Network Will summarize the listing of consumers to promote quick resolution of problems, Lenovo. Huicong digital network, IT Net and related websites is going to be tracked incident reports. The e-commerce company around China offers quality products for example portable electric cooker Brand, electric ceramic cooker Maker, and more. For extra, please visit electrical stove today! <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Tianyi F41 customers Lively Lenovo battery criticism investigations - Tin Yat, battery-IT business.
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