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 Toshiba lenovo delisting projector business of china to quicken shuffle - China smooth marble.

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PostSubject: Toshiba lenovo delisting projector business of china to quicken shuffle - China smooth marble.   Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:34 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->BR 2010 destined to becomeMarket probably the most exciting year of primary brands have released typically the extraordinary performance targets, the industry and eyebrows. It is understood that the market capacity of below 100 million Chinese projector marketplace gathered numerous international makes, but not a brand's advertise share of over 10%. Toshiba abandoned within the Council, while Lenovo's retreat this season, with Hitachi, NEC, Seattle, BenQ along with other six brands have presented over 100, 000 models of annual
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Goals, growth expectations were a lot more than twice the market share of an massive battle begins. BR Update product features large projection: The island BR scraping 10%BR Market research firm predicted that the projector market really will reach 3 percent increase, for the first time exceeded a million products mark. By lower prices and use of domestic market factors, the following 5 years, the market capacity will continue to grow. The Toshiba, Lenovo and other companies formed from the projector market share space, but also thicker the market delta, triggering's crowded. BR Presently, Hitachi, NEC, Seattle, BenQ along with other six companies announced sales targets for 2010, more than 100, 000 models, a total of 50 million units, accounting for forecasting sales market Bacheng. IAnalysts Mei Chen believes how the future of the projector markets will inevitably move on to centralized, with more than 10% market share can become a symbol into the best camp. In this context, major enterprises to accelerate the product and market place distribution. Plans to introduce eight number of 34 products, comprehensive coverage of business, Government sector, the consumer market. The other day, Seattle and the DivineJointly held in Shenzhen, the Standard Assembly, the National Providers, Seattle, announced this year in 12 innovative principle to launch 60 latest models, the figure is Seattle the sum of all products over the past decade. BR Published in major new brand on high-brightness projectors, interactive projection, short-focus, 3D projectionLighting along with other products have appeared. Prices remained lower in general, while functional upgrades would be the major brand of market place opportunities to explore different points of issuing push. BR Short focal massive investment products: BR With regard to education and government procurement marketBR Authorities, in July 2009 from the projector market, Toshiba; latest news that Lenovo would be the year out of typically the projector market, Toshiba, Lenovo and other companies formed from the projector market share space, but also thicker on the market delta, triggering's crowded. BR "Education and government procurement continues to be the greatest demand to the projector market, the brand is going to be fierce fight in somewhere between. These two market-oriented products, cost-effective, and highly vulnerable to different demands. " China's computer system in the IDC research analyst Ignore Chen Mei Department figured out. BR Mei Chen introduced the education market focus on any demand for products along with short urgent. Inconvenient for traditional telephoto projection installation, control will be used improper contact with the teacher's eyes. Therefore, short-focus andWhiteboard will certainly be a growth point of the education market. BR Thus, Seattle 2010, Hitachi, Epson, BenQ along with other brand products are cast in the short focus heavily. Seattle launched 16 models of ultra-short focal products, some products could be projected a distance about 47 cm a 70 inch screen, eye-catching. Whiteboard may be the development trend of hiburan interactive classroom, Seattle has launched a direct function of whiteboard projector programs, one-time cost of interactive school room and down nearly 50%. BR Accelerated projection to the familyBR Projector to bring in market prices continuing to be able to expand its applications business from education and gradually expand on the home. I am an expert from marble-texture. com, while we offers the quality product, such while China seamless marble texture and consistency, red marble texture Manufacturer, red marble texture, and much more. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Toshiba lenovo delisting projector business of china to quicken shuffle - China smooth marble.
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