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 What Does HDMI Mean and is it Important to Me

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What Does HDMI Mean and is it Important to Me Empty
PostSubject: What Does HDMI Mean and is it Important to Me   What Does HDMI Mean and is it Important to Me EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 4:03 pm

You may have heard or seen the terms HDMI, HDMI receiver and HDMI cables, but you may not know what HDMI means or what it is for. Here is some information to help you understand what HDMI is and if you think you may need HDMI cables or receivers.
The abbreviation HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This term of course only applies to HD TVs and is not interchangeable with other standard televisions. An HDMI receiver is a catch-all device to hook up your media devices such as gaming platforms, dvd players and surround sound speakers. Because many HD TVs only have one to two HDMI plug ports, you will only be able to plug in one to two of your electronic devices directly into the TV. This is a hassle because if you have surround sound stereo speakers hooked up to your TV, you won’t want to unplug these every time you want to hook up another device, so one port will always be in use. Likewise, it is a hassle to unplug and switch cables from your cable box to your xbox or dvd player whenever you want to use one instead of the other. Enter the HDMI receiver. Many receivers have three or more ports to plug in audio/video inputs and outputs so you can maximize your home theater system. The HDMI receiver will manage all of your devices in one and send all of the information to your television through an HDMI cable.
An HDMI cable is a “superwire” of sorts. These cables can transfer all sorts of information through one cable instead of several. Think of the cables you are used to using with non HD TVs: the wires with the red, white and yellow connectors, each for either audio or visual input or output. HDMI cables bring all of these into one simplified cable that takes up only one plug port on your television instead of three.
HDMI technology really streamlines your devices and can improve your home viewing experience with the latest technology. And, like with many other technological devices, what you pay for is what you might get with many HDMI receivers or cables. A less expensive HDMI receiver may have 3 plug ports while a more expensive counterpart may have up to 7. As with any larger purchase, doing some research on the internet for different brands and types of HDMI receivers – as well as the cables – may save you time and money. Before purchasing a product that may have a history of technical issues or is not worth the money spent, read consumer reviews posted on internet websites of companies selling the brand you are interested in. Check out other consumer tech review websites to find out the most recommended type of HDMI receivers and cables which will suit your budget and your home theater setup needs.
Check all of your devices to make sure they are compatible with HDMI receivers. Some gaming systems are not HDMI ready. You may only have two devices – a cable box and one gaming platform – that you use most often and will plug right into your TV. In this case, you may not need to purchase an HDMI receiver until you add more devices.
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What Does HDMI Mean and is it Important to Me
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