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 Hit Longer Drives匟ere抯 How

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Hit Longer Drives匟ere抯 How Empty
PostSubject: Hit Longer Drives匟ere抯 How   Hit Longer Drives匟ere抯 How EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:46 pm

To hit longer drives is the dream of every golfer on the planet! Even the professionals players want to hit longer drives.  Is there a magic bullet?  Do you really know what it takes to dramatically improve your driving distance?  
I抣l bet your first answer will be a new driver at $500.  Am I right?  If not a driver卼ake more golf lessons.  Am I getting warmer yet?  If I still haven抰 guessed right卙it more balls at the range?  Am I scorching hot yet? 
The key to hit longer drives is clubhead speed and solid ball-clubface contact.  That抯 it!  Seems easy enough right? 
The ONLY way to improve clubhead speed is to have optimal strength and flexibility in your core region.  This is the area of your body that creates the torque on the backswing that is unleashed at impact. 
How many times have you tried to swing hard and the ball didn抰 go anywhere?  I抳e been there.  How many times did you 搄ust not care?and all of a sudden the ball rocketed off the clubface. 
That one time厃ou were relaxed and probably made a bigger backswing, therefore producing more torque (energy).  But I抣l bet you have a hard to repeating that don抰 you?  That抯 because your body has physical limitations that will not allow you to repeatedly make a full backswing and store that energy. 
By incorporating rotational strength and flexibility exercises specific to the golf swing, you will see dramatic increases in clubhead speed and distance. 
I抳e seen increases of 50 yards!   
Now if you are already driving it 260 plus yards, you may not see a 50 yard increase, but you could realistically see a 30 yard increase. 
It抯 all about getting your body to move a little better within your golf swing. 
So next time you get the motivation to improve your driving distance卼hink of working on your body卬ot swing harder. 
The ultimate goal is to hit longer drives!

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Hit Longer Drives匟ere抯 How
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